From brainstorming ideas to launching your product: benefit from our expertise and experience.

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The journey from recognizing a customer need to completing the development of a new product is a long one. To ensure that the process flows as rapidly as possible, it is vital that all project stages are carefully coordinated.


Every specialist in our large pool of experts has special knowledge of the complex chain of processes that characterize the FMCG sector, with many of them having years or even decades of experience in the field.


Below you will find our list of services from which we can put together a specific offering for your company’s project.


If you need support with any aspect that is not mentioned here, then let us know – we will find a solution that meets your needs.

Support entlang der ganzen Prozesskette | die KreArtisten

our Services at a glance

Support bei der Konsumentenforschung | die KreArtisten


Identifying consumer needs reliably and describing them precisely are fundamental in ensuring the success of a new product.


We can help you with identifying your customers’ requirements, and validate the product development process with acceptance tests.

Support bei der Ideenentwicklung | die KreArtisten

Idea Development

Only very rarely is a “Eureka moment” a sufficient basis for a viable product concept. In most cases, brainstorming and developing ideas requires hard work and a systematic approach.


We develop innovative products and processes by methodically applying proven analytical and creative techniques, underpinned by our knowledge of technical feasibility issues.

Support beim Ideen-Screening | die KreArtisten

Idea Screening

Whenever you decide to look for a new concept, you are likely to come up with a number of new ideas.


We examine the alternatives methodically and compare them on the basis of their commercial viability and technical feasibility in line with specified criteria.

Support bei Konzeptentwicklung und Evaluierung | die KreArtisten

Concept Development and Evaluation

As ideas are made concrete, they become actual product concepts.


We can assist you with developing and evaluating product concepts to support your production decisions and ensure their future success.

Support bei der Produktgestaltung | die KreArtisten

Product Design

The technical design of a product is an important element in determining how easily it can be integrated into an existing or newly developed production environment.


Our specialists have a wide range of production experience. By assisting with intelligent product design, they can build a firm foundation for a straightforward and secure production process.

Support bei der Entwicklung von Spezifikationen und Rezepten | die KreArtisten

Specifications and FORMULATIONS

Consumers expect branded products to offer reliable and consistent quality. To guarantee this, constant reproducibility using the available production processes has to take top priority.


With our broad know-how in developing and implementing technical formulations, we can help you to keep your quality promises.

Support bei Prototyping und Small Scale Productions | die KreArtisten

Prototyping and Small-Scale Production

Do you need prototypes of your new product for consumer research or for a promotional photo shoot?


Our specialists know what is involved. With us, your prototyping and pilot production needs are in safe hands.

Support bei der Prozessentwicklung und -optimierung | die KreArtisten


For designing and optimizing processes down to the last detail without losing sight of the big picture, you can rely on our experienced and expert team.


We are the ideal partner when it comes to refining production lines for products and packaging, developing optimization and quality assurance processes, rationalizing production, and integrating and standardizing processes following a company merger.

Support beim Supply-Chain-Management | die KreArtisten

Supply Chain Management

Thanks to the range of services offered by die KreArtisten, our international outlook, and our long-term focus on the consumer goods sector, we have built close relationships with a number of powerful suppliers and service providers in the market.


If required, you can therefore benefit not just from our outstanding expertise in SCM, but also from our established partner network.

Support bei der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Verpackungslösungen | die KreArtisten

Development of Packaging Solutions

Whether you need folding boxes and shipping units made of corrugated board or cardboard, flexible packaging, tubes, or injection-molded parts, shrink wrap or stretch film – our specialists are experts both in the design and development of intelligent, innovative, and sustainable FMCG packaging solutions and in verifying their suitability for the production and packaging lines involved.

Support bei der Qualitätssicherung | die KreArtisten

Quality Assurance

While achieving high levels of quality is vital, so is ongoing quality assurance.


Our experts utilize standard QA procedures (ISO, GMP, FMEA, and so on) or, if necessary, can develop and validate new and appropriate testing methods.


Along the way, they will design, organize and document both lab trials and quality audits and even perform these themselves if required.

Support bei der technischen Dokumentation | die KreArtisten

Technical Documentation

To support knowledge management within your company, technical documentation plays an essential role. We can assist you in devising technical standards, developing product formulations, carrying out and documenting laboratory studies, and drafting technical drawings for products and packaging designs.