Our promise to you: professional support that is tailored to your needs.

Unsere Experten machen Ihr Projekt erfolgreich | die KreArtisten

The pressure to innovate is forcing FMCG manufacturers to develop new products in ever shorter timescales and to manufacture them in increasingly economical ways.


The fact that the number of process steps involved leads to heavily fluctuating volumes of work often means that – either in the short term or for the duration of the project –

•  the work to be done exceeds the capacity available

•  skilled staff are occupied with urgent tasks instead of important work

•  qualifications are needed that are either unavailable or in short supply in-house.


The solution? External support that makes a real difference.


Our services are precisely tailored to the FMCG industry, cover the full range of R&D, QM, and SCM processes at all levels and, what is more, are scalable – a unique combination in the market.

Ihr Partner für Projekt-Outsourcing in der FMCG-Industrie | die KreArtisten


Do you already use temporary staff but are unable to extend their contracts?


Then outsourcing might be a suitable model for you!


An intelligent outsourcing concept will incorporate your existing resources and minimize any loss of expertise and experience. This frees up your core workforce for important activities, reduces your overheads, and can therefore help compensate for the consequences of a reduction in staff.


If you decide to opt for temporary staffing, we can provide the people you need and, if necessary, ensure they are trained up in line with your requirements.


Alternatively, we can carry out the work on your behalf ourselves under an outsourcing or service agreement.


So, whether you opt for temporary staffing or outsourcing, we have all necessary regulatory approvals and can help you respond to your resource shortfall with flexibility and the right solution for you.

Interims-Management und Projektmanagement in der FMCG-Industrie | die KreArtisten

Interim Management and Project Management

Sometimes, time is of the essence. For instance, if a key player lets you down and you cannot hold up the project.


In these and many other cases, an interim management solution is the best option. Often, a project can only progress without interruption with the aid of a skilled, short-term management resource – and ideally one provided at a competitive rate.


At die KreArtisten, we can supply interim managers with a wide range of skills, at different levels of seniority.


One possible resource-saving alternative involves the complete delegation of project tasks – from brainstorming ideas to launching the finished product on the market.


We are a reliable partner when it comes to shortlisting new suppliers, managing your supply chain, and any other related activities.

Externe Kompetenz und Beratung für Ihr FMCG-Projekt | die KreArtisten


From a commercial perspective, it makes no sense to keep high-caliber talents on your company payroll for every eventuality.


Instead, a much more economical approach involves bringing in the appropriate level of external expertise to handle one-off tasks when required.


If you are faced with the responsibility of designing and implementing new products and processes or developing your in-house R&D skills, then our experienced consultants can offer just the support you are looking for.


Each and every one of them has benefited from top-class training, has an extensive project background, and offers strong leadership skills. With a willingness to commit to your project and take ownership of their tasks, one of our consultants can, if you wish, act as your sole contact, take charge of coordinating the project, and free up your time and resources – enabling you to concentrate on your main work.