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Please note: To protect customer confidentiality we do not document brands and product descriptions.
However the following examples provide an indication of projects already undertaken.

Interim Management

  • Conducting of test productions to qualify new product formulation on customer production lines for beauty care products.
  • Re-working of more than 2000 technical standards for disposable hygiene products to achieve full QA compliance.
  • Frequent supervision of data evaluation during test runs for new packaging solution for hygiene paper products.
  • Statistical analysis of lab studies for raw material development and cost saving projects for hygiene products.
  • Development and qualification of new test methods for beauty care and pet food products.
  • Development of a new packaging generation for oral care products.

Full Service Management

  • Manage supply chain for new market introduction of beauty care products.
  • Consumer and technical research for disposable product cost saving projects.

Continuous Support

  • Running a Make & Pack facility for beauty care products, making and packing of small product quantities for consumer research, registration and stability testing.
  • Running quality lab analysis of new product generations in beauty care.

Smooth Outsourcing Concept

  • Customer was unable to extend the contract of temporary personnel. Company policy did not allow replacement. The situation became critical as the operation needed to continue.
    We provided a solution to our customer by providing the work under a service contract. We hired the personnel as employees of our company, and started the operation with 7 persons. Due to increased use of the facility we have extended our team to 12 persons. Currently we plan to increase the scope of our partnership with the customer by taking over 3 more operations.